The experience of the ephemeral is the foundation of my art.  In my work, I distill and abstract the fleeting experiences that are not easily defined, but nonetheless sensed.  What is not directly observed often carries more power than what is seen. This concept is a source of fascination and is embedded in my installations, paintings and sculptures.


My work represents the perception of an experience, place or object. For example,

I experience the immensity and disorientation of the prairie, the feeling of trying to find an anchor in a sea of waving grasses.  I am interested in the light, which creates illusions of shapes and shadows on the land and which is transitory and constantly changing.


Light and shadow are threads that run throughout my artwork.  They are tools that help create illusions, define and distort reality.  I use them as references to things seen and unseen, addressing presence, as well as absence.


I employ my understanding of particle movements as a metaphor for human emotion and energy.  My paintings portray large sweeping energies and miniature actions working within. These abstract gestures depict dark and light, mirroring and holding each other in an energetic balance.

artist's statement

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